Key-Value Pairs Targeting for CCPA


The Sourcepoint Dialogue platform allows you to add additional targeting through the use of key-value pairs. The key-value pairs are added to the on-page configuration code using the targetingParams parameter. You can then add a targeting condition in the scenario for a campaign. Multiple key-value pairs can be added per messaging call.

The example code below passes a key-value pair of color=red to the Sourcepoint platform by setting the key-value pair up within the targetingParams parameter. The value set can be a string, boolean or integer value. JavaScript variables that evaluate to either strings, boolean values or integers can be passed.

Key-Value Pair Code Example:

Key-Value Pair User Interface Setup Example

To leverage this data, there a corresponding step in the Dialogue user interface that would perform (or not perform) an action based on the value portion of the key-value pair being sent. In the example screenshot below, the scenario is setup to show a message only if there is value of blue being sent for the color_preference key.