Optional Callbacks

Sourcepoint provides callbacks that you can define as part of its latest version of the messaging code.

<script type="text/javascript">
!function () { var e = function () { var e, t = "__tcfapiLocator", a = [], n = window; for (; n;) { try { if (n.frames[t]) { e = n; break } } catch (e) { } if (n === window.top) break; n = n.parent } e || (!function e() { var a = n.document, r = !!n.frames[t]; if (!r) if (a.body) { var i = a.createElement("iframe"); i.style.cssText = "display:none", i.name = t, a.body.appendChild(i) } else setTimeout(e, 5); return !r }(), n.__tcfapi = function () { for (var e, t = arguments.length, n = new Array(t), r = 0; r < t; r++)n[r] = arguments[r]; if (!n.length) return a; if ("setGdprApplies" === n[0]) n.length > 3 && 2 === parseInt(n[1], 10) && "boolean" == typeof n[3] && (e = n[3], "function" == typeof n[2] && n[2]("set", !0)); else if ("ping" === n[0]) { var i = { gdprApplies: e, cmpLoaded: !1, cmpStatus: "stub" }; "function" == typeof n[2] && n[2](i) } else a.push(n) }, n.addEventListener("message", (function (e) { var t = "string" == typeof e.data, a = {}; try { a = t ? JSON.parse(e.data) : e.data } catch (e) { } var n = a.__tcfapiCall; n && window.__tcfapi(n.command, n.version, (function (a, r) { var i = { __tcfapiReturn: { returnValue: a, success: r, callId: n.callId } }; t && (i = JSON.stringify(i)), e.source.postMessage(i, "*") }), n.parameter) }), !1)) }; "undefined" != typeof module ? module.exports = e : e() }();
window._sp_ = {
config: {
baseEndpoint: 'https://cdn.privacy-mgmt.com',
events: {
onMessageReady: function () {
onMessageChoiceSelect: function (choice_id, choice_type_id) {
console.log('onMessageChoiceSelect choice_id: ', choice_id);
console.log('onMessageChoiceSelect choice_id: ', choice_type_id);
onPrivacyManagerAction: function (pmData) {
console.log('onPrivacyManagerAction', pmData)
onMessageChoiceError: function (err) {
console.log('onMessageChoiceError', err)
onConsentReady: function (consentUUID, euconsent) {
console.log('consentUUID', consentUUID)
console.log('euconsent', euconsent)
onPMCancel: function () {
onMessageReceiveData: function (data) {
console.log('onMessageReceiveData', data)
onSPPMObjectReady: function () {
targetingParams: {
test: 1
<script src="https://cdn.privacy-mgmt.com/messagingWithoutDetection.js"></script>

The callbacks available are:

  • onMessageReady - this event fires when a message is about to display. Please be aware that for TCF version 2 this event will fire for privacy managers since they can be used as first-layer messages.

  • onMessageChoiceSelect - this event fires when a call-to-action button in a message has been clicked. The receives two integers. The first is the choice_id and it represents the id value of the choice selected that is specific to that choice. The second is the choice_type_id which is the ID of the type of choice clicked. A table of the choice type IDs is below.

  • onPrivacyManagerAction - this event fires when a button in a privacy manager has been clicked on. The possible values for the string returned to the function are "SAVE_AND_EXIT" and "CANCEL".

  • onMessageChoiceError - this event fires when there was an error in the message delivery process. A brief description of the error is returned.

  • onConsentReady - this event fires when the consent object is ready. The consentUUID and euconsent values are sent to the callback. This does not apply to the TCF consent string. You should use the addEventListener command of the __tcfapi function and listen for the tcloaded event to obtain the user's consent string as soon as it available. More information can be found here.

  • onPMCancel - this event fires when a user hits the cancel button of the privacy manager.

  • onMessageReceiveData - this event fires when a message is displayed to the user and sends data about the message and campaign to the callback. The data sent to the callback in in the following structure: { "message_url":"https://notice.sp-prod.net?message_id=12345", "msg_id":"12345", "prtn_uuid":"6e769cbb-0adc-4ac2-b91c", "msg_desc":"Consent Message 9.20.2019", "cmpgn_id":"39599", "bucket":"49", "uuid":"fa3db7d9-3258-46f1-8386-97ce2b4a5249" }

  • onSPPMObjectReady - this event fires when the privacy manager is ready to be displayed on the page. It can be used to notify on-page functions that the privacy manager is now available to be displayed using the Sourcepoint plug and play javascript code.

Choice Type ID Descriptions

Choice Type ID



The user has chosen to view instructions on how to whitelist a site


The user has chosen to opt into ad recovery (no longer used)


The user has chosen to view a directly sold video instead of disabling adblockers (requires a separate agreement)


The user has chosen to view custom content in an iframe


The user has chosen a option to redirect to another page


The user has chosen to continue with adblockers enabled


The user has chosen a micropayment option (requires a separate agreement)


The user has selected an option tied to custom javascript on the site page


The user has chosen to view a video provided by Welect (requires a separate agreement)


The user has chosen the "Accept All" option in a consent message


The user has chosen to view a privacy manager (consent preferences) UI.


The user has chosen the "Reject All" message from a consent message


Samba Video (requires separate agreement with Samba and Sourcepoint)


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