Creating A Privacy Manager Link for TCFv2


You can generate a JavaScript snippet to create a link to display the privacy manager modal to your site visitors from the Sourcepoint UI.

Step 1 - Navigate to Dialogue

Once you've logged in to the Sourcepoint UI, click the Dialogue tab.

Step 2 - Access Property

Click on the property or property group where the TCFv2 privacy manager lives

Step 3 - Access the TCFv2 Privacy Manager

Hover your mouse over the GDPR drop down menu and select Privacy Manager (TCFv2)

Step 4 - Copy JS Code

Click the Copy JS Code button

Click the copy icon on the resulting pop up window

Step 5 - Add Code to An Element's OnClick Event

Insert the copied code into an element's onclick event like the example below and add to your page where you'd like the button to show up.

<button onlick="window._sp_.loadPrivacyManagerModal(123456)">Privacy Manager</button>

Please contact your Sourcepoint account manager if you have any additional questions.