iOS Mobile Implementation

Sourcepoint’s CMP allows for consent capture and management across multiple devices and environments, including iOS, and includes all the same functionality presented on web.

You can add the SDK to the project by using the Cocoapods. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift Cocoa projects. Cocoapods provides a fast, simple way to install and keep up with the latest updates to our library.

We are consistently making improvements to our SDK to both support emerging regulation and to become more performant. For the latest instructions on how to install and configure our SDK, please use the following links:

Add the following library to your Podfile:

Open the command prompt, type the following, and press enter

In the manual process, we do not create framework for Sourcepoint SDK. We manually add the Sourcepoint SDK into iOS based applications.

Step 1 - Download Sourcepoint SDK

Download the Sourcepoint iOS SDK using this link

Step 2 - Download Reachability Framework SDK

Download the Reachability Framework iOS SDK using this link

Step 3 - Add to code base

Drag and drop the Reachability.swift file from Reachability.swift-master > Sources folder into your code base

Drag and drop the ConsentViewController folder from ios-cmp-app-master folder into your code base

Step 4 - Finish in Xcode

In Xcode, in the Choose options for adding these files: dialog box, select Copy items if needed to copy the downloaded SDK files to the code base and click Finish.

Step 5 - Remove files from code base

For Objective-C, in Swift Compiler – Language Setting, add Swift Language Version and set its value to Swift 4.2.

Step 6 - Run

Run the application.

The getIABVendorConsents method is used to retrieve the IAB consents given to each vendor ID in the array passed as a parameter.

iOS messages and campaigns can be managed in Sourcepoint's UI. If you have any additional questions, please contact your Sourcepoint account manager.