Sourcepoint provides a reporting dashboard detailing pageview level data including total pageviews, ad block pageviews, whitelisted pageviews, clicks, post-click activity, and more. Separately, we provide user-level analysis which includes whitelist rate, bounce rate, uniques, etc.

For consent-related campaigns, Sourcepoint’s reporting platform provides detailed analytics on the number of users that have consented and the overall percentage of consented users. In addition, Sourcepoint reports on the number of pageviews consumed by consented visitors on a daily basis. There are additional data points provided on the actions of site visitors who were asked for consent. Consent metrics can be dissected based on a wide variety of targeting parameters including location, device, language, referral source, and more. Our analytics also offer the granularity to analyze consent by vendor, which offers publishers even more insight into vendor performance and impact. In Sourcepoint’s UI, it is easy to view consent rates by vendor, see when a new vendor was added and to trigger "reconsent" to users when a new vendor is added.

Sourcepoint can layer these analytics on top of other messaging efforts such as consent rates, event and newsletter sign-ups, subscription, push notification and others. This provides a holistic view of a client's efforts, which can be used to identify areas of optimization.

The Sourcepoint team can also offer ad-hoc reports on a variety of metrics and dimensions at the request of the client.

Sample ad block reporting dashboard
Sample consent reporting dashboard
Sample consent reporting dashboard