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CMP Release Notes
Release Notes September 28th, 2021
Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to release updates scheduled for September 15th, 2021. Those updates are scheduled for release today alongside other updates. For your convenience, we have included those September 15th, 2021 scheduled updates in this release note.
In an effort to provide your organization with the best experience possible, Sourcepoint continually releases new features, updates, and bug fixes for our Consent Management Platform (CMP). Below are updates we intend to release today.
The items listed below are for informational purposes only. Please check the Release Receipt that will be posted after 5:00 pm EST to confirm what was actually released today.


Roku SDK

We intend to release our Roku SDK to increase our coverage of OTT devices for both GDPR and CCPA regulatory frameworks.

Apple TV

We intend to release updates to our iOS SDK to support Apple TV in order to increase our coverage of OTT devices for both GDPR and CCPA regulatory frameworks. When released, our iOS SDK will automatically recognize the implementation on Apple TV and surface the appropriate message(s)

Native OTT Message

A specific OTT message builder that will be used for our native OTT solutions like Roku.

Custom Message Type for Multi-campaign

For organizations who utilize multi-campaign on their properties, we are offering a new custom message type. This message type only supports a custom JavaScript action and a Dismiss action. We anticipate that this message type will be utilized to collect identity graph disclosures and calling of identity provider scripts, as well as advertise newsletter sign-ups.


  • We plan to add hsts response headers to all service and static assets.
  • To simplify client OTT implementations, navigation.js will soon be part of the OTT rendering app itself, so that clients do not have to add the library themselves.
  • We renamed output.jsonpFunction in the webpack config for our Unified SDK to _sp_wp_jsonp in order to avoid reported clashing with a client’s code.
  • On the 20th August 2021, CMPs will have had to have made changes to disclose whether vendors' maximum storage duration may be refreshed. Utilizing a signal from the IAB’s GVL we will add this vendor cookie refresh information to the vendor disclosure of your privacy manager.
  • We will be adding a new line item to our CMP Local Storage called expiration which will return the value for when we consider the local storage item expired (this value is generated via the cookie expiration setting configured in your vendor list) for GDPR and CCPA, respectively.
  • We are adding custom vendor labels! With this release you can toggle on/off custom vendor labels on a per vendor basis and then configure the naming convention, descriptions, etc... for those labels in the privacy manager. This functionality will operate similar to how Apple Data Broker labels are currently configured in the Sourcepoint platform.
  • We will be adding custom choice actions to links and buttons in the message builder for apps. For app properties, In place of “custom JS” there will now be a “custom” action that our SDK will interpret.
  • We are centralizing our translation logic into our wrapper API instead of utilizing our rendering app.
  • In order to improve our recent release of our new scenario builder, we will release the following updates:
    • Confirming Delete actions are respected throughout the entire scenario builder.
    • Confirm Update actions are working as intended.
    • Show Message dropdown menu surfaces units for both Message frequency cap and Session message number limit.

Bug Fixes

  • We are releasing a fix so that messages that utilize Serbian as the language for iOS and Android devices will appear for your end-users.
  • We will fix custom stacks so that when bullet points are used in a custom stack description it will display properly in the message.
  • We’re fixing our CCPA OTT privacy manager so that vendor cards surface the appropriate vendor details.
  • Anti-adblock scenarios will respect the session message number limit configured in the scenario builder.
  • When utilizing our scenario builder v2, you can now geotarget CCPA messages for California (or any other US state).
  • The domain field for a vendor's cookie information will no longer be automatically hyperlinked in your property's privacy manager. This fix also means that links added to the domain field will work as intended.
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