Release Notes
Release Notes October 26th, 2020
Release Notes
TCFv2 - Vendors show Consent Legal Bases in Portal but cannot be activated in Privacy Manager
We fixed an issue in the Privacy Manager that was affecting certain vendors, and causing them not to have on / off toggles. These vendors updated their declarations from no purposes with a legal basis of consent, to include purposes with consent as a legal basis. These vendors will now be displayed properly with the appropriate toggles.
Two sites with same top level domain, but different vendor lists causes re-messaging
We addressed an issue where users we being shown additional consent messages when the user was visiting a property with the same top level domain, but different configured vendor lists.
Disclosure only vendors do not show up in the Site Vendors list in the PM
We fixed an issue where disclosure only custom purposes were not appearing in as Vendors in the Privacy Manager vendor listing. These Vendors will now appear under the Legitimate Interest section of the Vendor listing, but with no toggles available.
TCFv2 - Misconfigured on error deletion of ConsentUUID Cookies
"We have a solution introduces a new event callback onError with three parameters: errorCode (string), errorObject (object), userReset (boolean)
errorCode is one of the following:
ACTION - Action Error (ie an issue with a Custom Consent Action) CHOICE - Choice Error (an unlikely error where an invalid choice is provided to the script) CMP_CALLBACK - CMP Callback Error (an error thrown in a __tcfapi callback) REQUEST - Request Error (a network error) UNKNOWN - Generic Error (unknown error occured) errorObject is the error object and associated stack trace
userReset will be true if we've reset the user's cookies.
This will only happen on the following error types: REQUEST, and UNKNOWN this is new behavior - previously all errors triggered the cookie reset."
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