Release Notes
CMP Release Notes
Release Receipt October 13th, 2021
All CMP items featured in our October 13th, 2021 release note were successfully released. Below is a recap of the changes made to Sourcepoint's CMP.


  • For organization’s utilizing our unified script, Sourcepoint’s ccpaUUID cookie will now always be set even if the uuid was not generated by our CCPA service.
  • We added a new line item to our CMP Local Storage called expiration which will return the value for when we consider the local storage item expired (this value is generated via the cookie expiration setting configured in your vendor list) for GDPR and CCPA, respectively.

Operational Issues

  • We updated how our unified script loads all script assets in the client-side library. With this update, the /unified/3.2.2/gdpr-tcf network call can utilize your CNAME instead of our generic CDN domain going forward.
  • We fixed a reported issue when resurfacing a CCPA privacy manager using our unified script whereby opting out of the first layer message and then resurfacing the privacy manager to change elections were not being respected in the uspString.
  • We fixed an issue in the GDPR reporting dashboard that counted an end-user as opted-into legitimate interest after a Reject All action was taken for vendor lists where there were no vendors utilizing legitimate interest.
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