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CMP Release Notes
Release Notes November 9th, 2020
Release Note
Add first layer controls to message that includes opt into custom purposes (cookie categories) - Front End
TCFv2-Consent Scope Tooltip incorrect incorrect and misleading
We have update the Consent Scope tool tip in Portal to more accurately represent the need for AuthId when using Shared Scope.
Dialogue>Properties - Default screen for Properties doesn’t display +Add New Property function
We were hiding the Add New Property button on the Property Group tab. We realized this wasn't a great idea and fixed it.
Partition Set Names need to be expanded on Campaign Level
t is now easier to see partition set names in the new Property UI. Previously they were being truncated.
OTT Privacy Manager Issues
We made some updates to our OTT Privacy Manager including: 1. The navigation chevrons can now have a custom color applied in the builder 2. Translations are applied to everything. 3. There is now options to display a QR code and the full URL to the vendor in the details view. The anchor tag have been removed. 4. Category descriptions and vendors in the details view are now rendered in a new style. 5. Focusing on the home view card will render the “friendly” description underneath.
Remove Cookie Links in PM
The in display of cookie information in the Privacy Manager, cookie domains are no longer hyperlinked.
Update the Privacy Managers so that all listings of vendors that are not IAB Vendors, have the appropriate indication
We have updated the display of Vendors in the Privacy Manager Purpose section to provide more clarity on which Vendors are not participating in the IAB Framework.
Blank GDPR v2 Performance Reporting when "ALL" Properties are selected
We fixed an issue where the reporting dashboard wasn't returning data when a large number of properties were part of the criteria.
Special Features Missing from Layer 1 Message
We fixed an issue where Special Features we not being properly displayed in the First Layer Message for certain configuration options.
Add Purpose Column to Cookie Table in PM Vendor Tab
We have added a Purpose column to the display of cookie information underneath the Vendor's listing in the Privacy Manager Vendors tab. This was done to provide end-users more information in the disclosure of locally stored information
TCFv2 - Misconfigured on error deletion of ConsentUUID Cookies
We have a solution introduces a new event callback onError with three parameters: errorCode (string), errorObject (object), userReset (boolean)
errorCode is one of the following:
ACTION - Action Error (ie an issue with a Custom Consent Action) CHOICE - Choice Error (an unlikely error where an invalid choice is provided to the script) CMP_CALLBACK - CMP Callback Error (an error thrown in a __tcfapi callback) REQUEST - Request Error (a network error) UNKNOWN - Generic Error (unknown error occurred) errorObject is the error object and associated stack trace
userReset will be true if we've reset the user's cookies.
This will only happen on the following error types: REQUEST, and UNKNOWN this is new behavior - previously all errors triggered the cookie reset.
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