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CMP Release Notes
Release Notes March 2nd, 2021
In an effort to provide your organization with the best experience possible, Sourcepoint continually releases new features, updates, and bug fixes for our Consent Management Platform (CMP). Below are the most recent updates to CMP:


Privacy Lens

This week Sourcepoint announced the launch of Privacy Lens! Our proprietary scanning technology allows media buyers to see how their media inventory suppliers approach data privacy. Additionally, media sellers can see how buyers are looking at their inventory, so they can optimize their privacy experiences and drive incremental revenue. Click here to learn more!


Support for Pur Model in the Privacy Manager

Sourcepoint now offers support for organizations who wish to use the Pur model in the Privacy Manager. The Pur model allows for the following end-user consent controls:
  • Single consent/reject action for all vendors and/or purposes that use Consent as a legal basis (bucketed approach)
  • Granular selection options for vendors and/or purposes that use Legitimate Interest as a legal basis (since Legitimate Interest is a separate legal basis, end-users can still object even if they have consented)
Please speak with your Account Manager to activate the feature on your organization's Sourcepoint account.
Sourcepoint has added the following functionality to the consent and reject actions for CCPA:
  • Geo-targeting
  • Custom Accept Action
  • Custom JS
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Inline URL
  • Cookies

Programatically Close First Layer Message for Single Page Applications

The Sourcepoint script has added window.sp.destroyMessages(); to allow you to programmatically close First Layer Messages for single page applications.

Bug Fixes

  • We recently fixed an issue whereby vendor opt-ins via the postCustomConsent API could not be subsequently edited in the Privacy Manager.
  • The copy button for Messages with a Public status should now successfully copy the message.
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