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Release Notes June 8th, 2021
In an effort to provide your organization with the best experience possible, Sourcepoint continually releases new features, updates, and bug fixes for our Consent Management Platform (CMP). Below are the most recent updates to CMP:


Property validation for message type

Certain message types are only available for select property types (e.g. an iOS tracking message should only be created for App properties). In order to avoid potential issues, we have implemented validation that accurately restricts the message types that can be created per property type.
Additionally, we added a property type tag to the property name header .

Vendor list validation for GDPR TCF v2 and anti-adblock campaigns

Organizations who plan to run both GDPR and anti-adblock campaigns on a property will need to add Sourcepoint Technologies, Inc. (non-CMP) to the vendor list associated with the property.
This update will validate your vendor list to ensure that Sourcepoint Technologies, Inc. (non-CMP) is added when there are attempts to run GDPR TCF v2 and anti-adblock campaigns on the same property.

Timestamp for campaigns

We reintroduced timestamps to launched and ended campaigns.

Improved error messages

In order to help your organization debug issues, Sourcepoint has updated our error messages in the following ways:
  • We will no longer throw a The incoming message is from an un-trusted origin. error when we intercept a window.postMessage unintended for Sourcepoint.
  • See documentation for improved error description and troubleshooting suggestions

Bug fix

  • We recently fixed a reported issue with our API wrapper failing to recognize OTT properties. This issue is now resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Organizations who enable the Pur model for their GDPR privacy managers should now find that the control setting works as intended.
  • Fixed issue with the Geolocation dropdown menu in the publisher/purpose modal erroneously populating Canada when California was select.
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