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Release Notes January 28th, 2021
In an effort to provide your organization with the best experience possible, Sourcepoint continually releases new features, updates, and bug fixes for our Consent Management Platform (CMP). Below are the most recent updates to CMP:


Technical Specifications TCF v2.1

Sourcepoint's support of TCF v2.1 is now live! All Sourcepoint clients will need to access their Vendor List(s) and click Save to complete the update.
Note: Before you click Save, be sure to review and approve any legal bases changes for IAB vendors!
Sourcepoint’s new technical specifications for addressing changes to the IAB’s TCF policies include:
  • Backend support to ingest optional vendor cookie details from the Global Vendor List (GVL)
  • Backend support to ingest required vendor cookie storage duration from the Global Vendor List (GVL)
  • Backend support to ingest required vendor declarations for local storage other than cookies from the Global Vendor List (GVL)
Both optional and required vendor cookie and local storage declarations will be added to each respective vendor’s configuration and disclosed in the GDPR TCF v2 Privacy Manager (with translations available in English, German, French, and Italian).

Confirmation Modal Upon Message Delete

In order to protect your organization from erroneous deletions of First Layer Messages and Privacy Managers, Sourcepoint has implemented a warning modal that will need to be confirmed before the deletion is executed.

Export Vendor List to CSV

Sourcepoint just introduced new functionality that allows your organization to export Vendor Lists! Understand more clearly which vendors are using which purposes, special purposes, features, special features , and legal bases.

Privacy Manager Displays Vendors in Alphabetical Order

We have introduced a new toggle to the Privacy Manager build that allows your organization to display vendors alphabetically for your end-users.

Performance Improvements with Server Side Compression

In order to improve the performance of the Sourcepoint platform, we have introduced a new solution to compress content for wrapper API responses

Bug Fixes

  • Your organization can now successfully select India from the GDPR Applies Scope field when configuring your Vendor List. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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