Release Notes
Release Notes April 30th, 2021
In an effort to provide your organization with the best experience possible, Sourcepoint continually releases new features, updates, and bug fixes for our Consent Management Platform (CMP). Below are the most recent updates to CMP:

Upgrade iOS and Android SDK to v6 (Unified SDK)

We released two new SDKs that enable your organization to more easily manage compliance messaging across different geolocations. The following SDKs will unify the currently separate SDKs for GDPR and CCPA compliance:
  • Unified SDK for Android
  • Unified SDK for iOS
Additionally, these Unified SDKs allow Sourcepoint to easily add support for new geo-located compliance regimes as the regulatory landscape continues to evolve.
Upgrading your current implementation to the Unified SDKs is completely optional, but it will be necessary to leverage upcoming releases like iOS 14 Messaging. Please see our migration guide to upgrade your current projects:
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