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CMP Release Notes Sept. 1st, 2020
Release Note
TCFv2- Google Addtl Consent String starts with wrong format
We fixed an issue with the Google Additional Consent string to remove a leading "." from the list of vendor IDs.
This issue was not impacting Google's ability to decode the vendor ID list (verified with Google). We are making this change to prevent potential future issues.
Inconsistencies with Legitimate Interest Purposes in vendorGrants
We fixed an issue where the SDK was not properly returning legitimate interest purpose values on initial load in the vendorGrants api calls. This issue did not affect web values.
Norwegian Messages Not Translating Property in iOS
We fixed an issue where some Norwegian Browser language setting were causing the default language translations to be used instead.
TCFv2 - Break out consent/legitimate interest for inline PM
We have updated the inline message to separate out purposes with consent as a legal basis from purposes with legitimate interest as a legal basis. This will complete the separation of vendor legal bases in the Privacy Manager for both consent and legitimate interest.
TCFv2 - Support separation of Legitimate Interest and Consent Legal basis for purposes in the Vendor section of the Privacy Manager
We have updated our Privacy Manager to separate out the display and control for Purposes that Vendors using along the line of Consent as a Legal Basis and Legitimate Interest as a Legal Basis. This will remove potential end user confusion on the status of whether a vendor is opted in, or opted out for their Consent based purposes, vs their Legitimate Interest based purposes.
This change currently only applies to Privacy Managers using the tabbed Consent and Legitimate Interest motifs.
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