Release Notes
CMP Release Notes Sept 29th, 2020
Release Notes
TCFv2 - Consent and Reject Actions for Purposes always fire the Consent Callback
We had an issue where Consent and Reject Actions for Purposes were always firing the Consent Action. This has been fixed.
"Include" is not supported in IE11
We fixed an issue where a polyfill conflict was impacting support for "include" for IE 11.
Use the GET protocol for native-message for URL's shorter than 1745 characters.
We will now automatically use GET protocol for URL's shorter than 1745 characters.
TCF v2 First Layer message support for CTV/OTT/Smart TVs that have webviews.
We have released an OTT specific first layer message a privacy manager that has improved navigation for four button remotes. You must contact your Sourcepoint Account Manager to use this feature.
Cancel button in TCFv2 Privacy Manager Triggers useractioncomplete Event
The cancel button on the Privacy Manager will no longer fire an useractioncomplete event.
Special Features do not show on 1st layer message unless you use the stack
We fixed an issue where Special Features were not showing in the first layer message unless you are using stacks to show them.
euconsent-v2 cookie has been flagged as too big causing issues with their cookie limit size
Clients can now decide whether or not set the eu_consent cookie in the Vendor List Builder.
All current vendor lists will continue to set this cookie, but newly created vendor lists will have this setting turned off by default.
We recommend that the eu_consent cookie be turned off, and any client side code that relies on this cookie be changed to use the on page APIs instead. The on page APIs should have all the functionality necessary to accomplish any functions for which the eu_consent cookie was being used.
Consent String Language not being properly recorded - TCFV2
The consent language was not properly being passed in the consent string. This has been fixed for both web and in app
Missing Translations for stacks and Purposes
We have updated the translations to include newly added IAB translations. These include:
Bosna Crna Gora – Montenegro Shqip – Albanian Srpski – Serbian
Improved Geo Location Mapping
We have improved the accuracy of the geo resolution by implementing a multi-layered approach. Customers should see a significant increase in geo targeting accuracy at the country level.
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