Release Notes
CMP Release Notes Sept 16th, 2020
Release Notes
Consent preferences not saving in AMP through google search
We have improved the way in which users are identified when coming to an AMP page from a Google search reference. This will allow for more consistent message targeting to these users and avoid them receiving duplicate messages. Clients should update the AMP configuration to add an additional parameter to the promptUISrc field. ?authId=CLIENT_ID Should be appended to the current URL. For example, ... "promptUISrc": "https://sp-cdn.sp-demo.com/amp/index.html", ... should be updated to:
TCFv2 bottom banner height setting doesn't work without veil turned on
We fixed an issue where the height setting was not being respected for bottom banners.
TCFv2 - onPrivacyManagerAction doesn't return object
We fixed an issue where the onPrivacyManager callback function was not returning an object. It will now return:
purposeConsent:"all",vendorConsent:"all",vendorList:undefined{ purposeConsent: "all", vendorConsent: "all", vendorList: undefined }
Last modified 1yr ago
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