Release Notes
CMP Release Notes October 5th, 2020
Release Notes
OTT Builder breaking when no Vendor List selected
We fixed an issue where the OTT message builder was breaking. if there was not vendor list configured for it, when switching between views.
First layer text link to open legitimate interest tab in Privacy Manager not working
We fixed an issue where the text link in the first layer message to the Legitimate Interest section of the Privacy Manager was not working properly.
Provide TCF v2 Integration for Processors through the Publisher section of the TC String
"We have created a way for the publisher to configure a set of Publisher Purposes and legal bases for a vendor list. Publisher purpose permissions will be recorded in the Publisher section of the TCData Object. This is to allow certain vendors who only read the Publisher section of the TCData object to read the publisher's consent.
Please see the following help article for more information:
Support Time Delay for inApp
We fixed an issue where the Time Delay Scenario step was not reliably working in the In App context.
Consent String Language not being properly recorded - TCFV2
The consent language was not properly being passed in the consent string. This has been fixed for both web and in app.
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