Release Notes
CMP Release August 6th, 2020
Release Notes
Custom Consent and Reject Actions on Purpose Not Firing on Save and Exit
We had an issue where custom consent and reject actions were not firing for purposes when users activated "Save and Exit" on the Privacy Manager. This has been fixed.
Accessibility for Message Builder V2 - Message and Privacy Manager
We have improved our support of accessibility technologies. In this release we have updated the modal title so that it can be read by screen readers. We have, in addition, updated our client side implementation so that the modal window starts in focus.
TCFv2 - onPrivacyManagerAction fires twice
To correct this issue we have added a new event
onPrivacyManagerActionStatus which will send consent status when the user updates consent from the Privacy Manager.
The original onPrivacyManagerAction event will continue to fire when users perform an action from the Privacy Manager.
TCFv2 - AMP script fires Accept ALL action for Reject ALL Action
We had an issue in the AMP context where accept all was firing when consumers rejected all. This has been fixed.
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