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A Standard is a set of evaluation criteria you define in order to score inventory properties against. It consists of three major components: sharing preferences, policy(s) and rules. In this article, we will cover how to create a new Standard in your Privacy Lens account.
Select Privacy Lens from the top navigation bar and navigate to the Standards tab.
Click + Add New Standard.
From the subsequent modal, input a name and an optional description for the Standard.
Next, use the provided toggles to select the sharing preferences for this Standard. Choose between sharing your Standard with or without the name of the Standard. Alternatively, you can also choose not to share the Standard at all.
Publishers on the Sourcepoint platform will be able to view Standards you share, informing their ability to adjust their consent experience accordingly.
The Share With Name option will share the Standard as it was named in your configuration. The Share Without Name option will share the Standard without your naming configuration.
Finally, select a Policy from the dropdown menu and use the provided fields and buttons to add one or more rules pertaining to the policy to you rules list.
In order for an added rule to be reflected in the Scoring Results, the Status of the rule needs to be set to Active.
The percentage of your inventory that meets all the rules in the standard is reflected in the Current Status of Inventory Available. This percentage will change as you toggle the status of Rules on/off and add new rules to the list.
Your new Standard is configured. Click Save when finished.
The new Standard will exist in Draft mode until you click Publish.
Please be aware that once a Standard is published there is currently no way to revert the Standard back to Draft. Published Standards can only be set as Inactive. For more information, please visit our Standard Status article.
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