Scoring Results
Scoring Results allow your organization to view how your Property Set(s) performed against the applied Standards during a scan.
Please contact your Account Manager if you have questions on the interval for when new a Scoring Result is available for a Property Set.
Select Privacy Lens from the top navigation bar and navigate to the Scoring Results tab.
The subsequent page will provide an overview of how each Property Set performed against each Standard.
For a detailed summary of how individual properties within a Property Set performed against the individual rules in the applied Standard, click the Actions icon inline with the Property Set name.
Use the provided tabs to switch between the Standards applied to the Property Set.
Navigating between Property Sets will update the scoring results summary in the top panel and the details table of individual properties scored against individual rules.
For the summary panel:
  • Top Passing Rules include percentages of properties in the set that passed those rules.
  • Top Failing Rules include percentages of properties in the set that failed those rules.
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