Privacy Lens FAQs: Publisher
Please find in the list below, answers to some frequently asked questions by publishers about the Privacy Lens product:

What if I perform poorly in scans?

As a Sourcepoint customer, you are going to be protected from bad results. As we developed Privacy Lens and built the rules used to measure the inventory, we proactively scanned all of our customers’ properties to ensure there were no issues. If we do at some point detect an issue that is impacting your performance among media buyers, we will reach out to you and work with you to resolve the issue.

Will Privacy Lens negatively impact my revenue?

Premium publishers like you have invested time, resources and money to deploy privacy solutions that comply with regulations and industry frameworks. Privacy Lens will emphasize the difference between publishers that have implemented best in class privacy practices vs. long tail websites that have not. We think that Privacy Lens will redistribute revenue towards premium publishers.

How can I view my properties' performance in each Privacy Lens category?

Your Account Manager can retrieve results for all of your properties upon request as we explore a media seller portal that can show which properties meet which standards,

How can I improve my Privacy Lens results?

Sourcepoint CMP clients

We have taken great care to ensure that Sourcepoint customers meet buying standards. Your Account Management team will work proactively with you to stay ahead of changes in the market and regulatory landscape

Non-Sourcepoint CMP clients

You can work with your CMP provider and privacy team to update your configurations to better meet buy side standards. And of course, you can always reach out to Sourcepoint for a demo of our full-featured CMP product.

What are the rules most often included in advertiser Scoring Standards?

These will be updated on a daily basis in the Privacy Lens sell-side portal. We are early in the adoption of Privacy Lens, but we are in market with three out of five of the largest media agency holding companies. So far the following baseline rules for GDPR and CCPA are most prevalent:
    Consent notice exists
    Ability to withdraw consent
    Opt-out link on home page
    Privacy policy present

Can I see the percentage of current campaigns for which I qualify?

Media sellers will be able to see which buyer standards are applied. You will also be able to see the revenue impact (i.e., X impressions being bought against Y standard: Do you meet the standard?). You will also be able to see the percentage of agency standards you don’t qualify for.

Can I view Privacy Lens opportunities I missed out on?

Your Account Manager can provide you with an overview of the demand partners’ standards you are not currently meeting.
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