Privacy Lens FAQs: Advertiser and Agency
Please find in the list below, answers to some frequently asked questions by advertisers and agencies about the Privacy Lens product:

How can I measure the available inventory for my Scoring Standard?

A summary view will indicate how much inventory is generally available that meets the standard you are setting up.
You can also see a detailed view of which individual properties meet your standards and which do not, as well as which rules they don’t meet.

How can I communicate my Scoring Standard with publishers?

You have the option of sharing the Standards you have created with the publishers so that they can see how you are judging their consent experiences. Any publisher on the Sourcepoint platform will be able to see what you are looking for, and be able to adjust their consent experience accordingly.

How can I see a list of publishers that meet my criteria?

The Privacy Lens portal will show you, on a property by property basis, which properties meet your scoring criteria and which do not. In the future, we may also be able to group the properties by publisher for you, but this is not currently available.

Can I see what are the most often used criteria for Privacy Lens?

Yes. The criteria used most often is updated on a daily basis and displayed in your portal.

Are advertisers liable for the privacy compliance of third party properties?

Short answer, yes, when a brand is dropping a third-party cookie as part of their campaign, and in some other instances.
Last modified 7mo ago