GDPR TCF v2 Support (Legacy)


Sourcepoint is rolling out support for the IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) version 2.0. The new version of the framework offers greater flexibility for publishers, increased controls and transparency for consumers and more efficient and detailed consent signaling for vendors. The updated framework expands the scope of its predecessor in a number of ways with implications for publishers and website owners. Some of the most notable additions include the following:
  • Legal Bases for vendors are now flexible. Vendors must continue to declare their Purposes/Features and Legal Bases for each, but Publishers can select the Legal Basis on a per- vendor level.
  • Consumers can object to Legitimate Interest processing.
  • Creation of additional, more granular Purposes – and definitions and signals.
  • Descriptions of Purposes via Stacks, which require publishers to bundle Purposes in first-layer messaging for greater uniformity and enforceability.
Sourcepoint is releasing new tools and and features to support the new technical requirements and help our partners to comply with a new set of IAB policies in a seamless and efficient way.
  • Updated Vendor List builder
  • Ability to choose between "consent" and "legitimate interest" legal bases for vendor data processing
  • Support of new Purposes, Special Purposes, Features and Special Features
  • New, improved UX/UI for consumer-facing Privacy Manager
  • Ability to display Stacks, Purposes and Special Purposes on the first layer message
  • Integration of new descriptions and translation for consumer facing elements
  • Support for legitimate interest objection
The documents in this section describe how to set up and configure the Sourcepoint platform for TCF version 2.0. All documents are a work in progress as we are working on the public release of the new tools and features.
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