Version and Test Sourcepoint Code

Sourcepoint Version Check

To check the version of the Sourcepoint javascript library currently running on your property, navigate to the developer console of your browser and input window._sp_.version; into the window.

Test Sourcepoint Code

Occasionally, Sourcepoint will update the Javascript code that runs the Dialogue platform and may include updates such as bug fixes, feature enhancements, or new features.
To test the new Javascript code before updating to the the latest version of the Dialogue messaging library, add the querystring parameter _sp_scriptVersion=latest to end of the URL for the page you wish to test.
For example, if you wanted to test the latest released code on you would go to
When using the _sp_scriptVersion=latest querystring parameter, you may see the following error in the developer console.
Uncaught Error: overridden
at messaging.js:1
at messaging.js:1
at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (messaging.js:1)
This error can be ignored. It is generated by the process of replacing the existing code on the site with the latest version.
Last modified 8mo ago