Vendor Lists

The Sourcepoint Consent framework consists of a JavaScript API that allows you to retrieve third-party information, store the user's decision about a particular third-party vendor, and share the information with authorized third-party vendors. It also consists of a user interface where you can easily add, remove and change vendors, vendor categories (also referred to as vendor purposes) and opt-in and opt-out strategies. This is what is known as a vendor list.

The vendor list offers clarity as to which vendors have been authorized by the publisher as well as those that have received consent from their users. At the heart of the framework is a central registry called the Global Vendor List.

This registry includes all registered and authorized third-party vendors who can be assigned by publishers to process user data, access users' devices, and use the data stored on those devices for specific purposes. The framework also simplifies the management of Consent Management Provider (CMP) signals for participating organizations that meet applicable criteria.