Creating Partitions

Overview A partition set is a collection of one or more scenarios to which users can be exposed. The determining factor for which scenario a user sees depends on what bucket the user has been assigned. Sites can use multiple partitions within a partition group to A/B test different scenarios on its site visitors.

A user becomes a part of a partition when it encounters the Sourcepoint messaging library on a web site. Each user that visits a page with the Sourcepoint messaging library running on it gets assigned a random value from 0 to 999. The bucket value is stored in the user's cookie and persists until the user deletes the cookie.

In the "Partition" section of the site, buckets of users can be combined so that you can serve different scenarios to different groups of users. For example, in the screenshot below users with bucket value from zero to 332 have been assigned to the "Test A" group and will get the "Consent Scenario". Users with bucket values 333 to 665 will be assigned to the "Test B" group and get the "Dec 2018 Sourcepoint Consent" scenario. Users with bucket values from 666 to 999 will be assigned to the "Test C" and participate int he "Test" scenario.

How to Create A New Partition Set

Step 1 From the "Dialogue" menu select the site for which you want to create the partition set and click on the "Partition Sets" link.

Step 2 Click on the "New" button, and give your partition set a name.

Step 3 Click on the pencil icon to edit the partition set you just created, and then click on "+Add Partition" button you will see fields like the ones below.

Step 4 Give the partition a name. The name should be descriptive enough to understand what experience the users are going to get.

Step 5 Now enter in the bucket ranges for users to whom you want to deliver this experience. For example, if you want to deliver the first half of bucketed users experience A enter 0 into the "Bucket Start" and 499 into "Bucket End".

Step 6 Attach the right scenario by selecting it from the dropdown menu under "Scenario".

If you have any additional questions about partition sets, please feel free to contact your Sourcepoint account manager.