Creating Properties

How to Add a Property

Step 1 - Access Dialogue

Once you've logged in to the Sourcepoint UI, click the Dialogue tab.

Step 2 - Create Property

Click +Create a property.

Step 3 - Enter Property Details

Enter a property name and type (website, app, OTT) and click Create property.

This newly created property will now appear in your list of properties under the "Dialogue" menu and you can now create messages for that particular property.

Wildcard Properties

If you'd like a message to appear on more than one subdomain, you can use the wildcard character * to accomplish this. For example, * will allow the message to appear on the following properties:,, and

Delete a Property

If you need to delete a property, navigate back to Dialogue and click the trashcan icon on the right side of the page for that property.

Note: Even when deleting a property, all data and configurations will be saved if you recreate the property.

Confirm Delete

You'll then be asked to confirm that you'd like to delete the property.

Updated Property List

After confirming deletion, you will no longer see the property in your list of properties.

Also, learn more about how to create a property group.