Privacy Check


With proper configuration, most of the TCF v2 policies will automatically be met. The first layer message, however, has some elements that require manual checks.

Privacy Check is a feature of Sourcepoint's Dialogue platform. It allows you to run through a checklist to help create first layer messages that are compliant with TCF v2 policies.

While Privacy Check can help you with your compliance efforts, it is not intended to provide legal guidance. Ultimately you are responsible for making sure that your message configurations are compliant with local laws.

Where to find Privacy Check

Privacy Check can be found in the Dialogue Message Builder when you are creating or editing a TCF v2 message.

Go to Dialogue, select a property, and select Messages (TCF v2) from the menu.

Privacy Check information

In the message listing, you will see a Privacy Check entry next to each message:

The Privacy Check entry will display a green check mark:

Or a warning message, letting you know that there are checks that require review and should be addressed:

To use a message in a TCF v2 campaign, you want to make sure that, at a minimum, all Privacy Check rules pass.

Editing Privacy Check rules

To see and update the Privacy Check entry, open the message editor. You can access Privacy Check by clicking on the "Run Privacy Check" button.

This will open the Privacy Check panel:

Note that the Privacy Check rules will be defaulted to non-passing until an affirmative selection is made.

Review your message configuration for adherence to each of the Privacy Check rules. Take care in evaluating your message carefully and review all of the Privacy Check rules for compliance. For each rule that your message complies with, move the toggle to the Passing.

Once you have properly evaluated the message for compliance against the Privacy Check rules, you can close the Privacy Check panel by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the panel.

Do not hit the Close button above the X, as this will bring you back to the Message listing without saving your changes.

Your Privacy Check evaluations will save along with message.

Final Thoughts

Privacy Check is a tool to help you build TCF v2 compliant messages. It is important to note that successful use of Privacy Check relies on your proper evaluation of the Privacy Check rules.

Do not launch TCF v2 campaigns that have not been evaluated accurately for Privacy Check rules as this could lead to enforcement actions by the IAB Compliance Team. These actions could lead to suspension from the TCF v2 framework.

If you have questions please reach out to your Sourcepoint Account Manager.