Dialogue Overview

Sourcepoint created its Dialogue platform in 2016 as a direct response to the growing use of ad block software and sought to provide publishers with a robust toolkit to establish transparent value exchanges and facilitate direct communication between content creators and content consumers.

Dialogue enables publishers to do just that. Powered by a robust A/B testing framework and audience segmentation tool, publishers can serve a variety of custom messages and experiences to any segment of their audience.

Clients can also use Dialogue to deliver alternative monetization choices to users such as whitelisting, AltAd, and AltPay, in addition to a publisher's own subscription offering.

  • AltPay: offers consumers with a simple option to support content through a direct payment. In return publishers grant ad-block users access to a limited, advertising-free experience.

  • AltAd: This ad-supported experience prompts ad-block users to watch a short video ad in exchange for a limited, advertising-free experience. Publishers use AltAd to offer an alternative to standard display banner and increase their reach for video ads.

  • Custom Choice: This feature allows for a frictionless implementation of proprietary or 3rd party value-generating solutions into the Dialogue framework. For example publishers drive newsletter sign ups or account creations by offering a limited, advertising-free experience in exchange.

These experiences can be further layered on top of other messaging efforts, including event and newsletter sign-ups, push notifications, and more.