Running Page Scanning in a Vendor List
This article will detail how to run page scans within your vendor lists in Sourcepoint to determine whether new vendors are on the page.

Step 1 - Access Vendor List

Depending on the vendor list you'd like to run a scan for, click on GDPR (TCF v1), GDPR (TCF v2), or CCPA. In our example, we'll use CCPA.

Step 2 - Edit Vendor List

Click Edit on the vendor list.

Step 3 - Scan for New Vendors

Click the Scan for new vendors link.
Please contact your account manager if you do not have this link but would like to learn more about page scanning.

Step 4 - Run Scan

Ensure that the appropriate properties are included in the scan and click Begin site scan.
Selecting the Auto add new vendors feature will ensure that new vendors in scans get added to your vendor list automatically.

Step 5 - Review and Add to List

Review the results and determine which of the newly discovered vendors should be added to your vendor list. You can uncheck the blue check mark next to each vendors name to prevent them from being added. You can also click the down arrow to learn more about where that vendor showed up in the scan. We will indicate the vendors that are already included in the list.
Once you've reviewed, click Add to Vendor List.

Step 6 - Update Purposes/Categories and Save

For newly added vendors, ensure that they've been accurately classified in the relevant purposes/categories and click Save.
Last modified 1yr ago