Fire Commanders Act Tag Using Custom Trigger

Admin access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to vendor list management.

TagCommander's tag management system, Commander's Act, allows for the creation of custom triggers to fire tag containers within Commander's Act. In this article, we will cover how to fire custom triggers configured in Commander's Act through the Sourcepoint platform for a GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List.

Create Custom Trigger in Commander's Act

As part of the set up in Commander's Act you will create a custom trigger and define a custom trigger function. For more information on how to create a custom trigger in the Commander's Act platform, please read this article.

In this article, we will use a custom trigger called "fire custom consent" with a custom trigger function called tC.event.fire_custom_consent as an example.

Add Trigger to Vendor List

In this section, we will cover how to add the trigger to a vendor on a GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List.

Alternatively, navigate along the following pathways to add a vendor tag (vendor pixel) to a vendor on a GDPR non-TCF or CCPA Vendor List:

  • GDPR > Non IAB > Edit

  • CCPA > Vendor List > Edit

Navigate to your Sourcepoint account and click GDPR from the top navigation bar. Select TCF v2 from the dropdown menu.

Navigate to a Vendor List on the subsequent list and click Edit.

Click the appropriate vendor or purpose from the list.

Select Consent Actions from the subsequent modal.

We select Consent Actions because of the specific trigger we are implementing in this example. Depending on the trigger being implemented, you might alternatively select Reject Actions from the modal.

Input the custom trigger function set up in the Commander's Act platform under the Custom JS tab. Below is an example of the custom function tC.event.fire_custom_consent.

Click Apply changes when finished.

With the trigger applied to the vendor/purpose, click Save to confirm the changes to the Vendor List.