Resolve IAB Vendor Updates in Vendor List
Admin access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to vendor list management.
Occasionally, a vendor on the IAB's Global Vendor List (GVL) will update their declarations with the IAB after their initial registration. If the vendor is already added to a Vendor List in your Sourcepoint account when this update with the IAB occurs, you will need to confirm/update your Vendor List to resolve the discrepancy and align with the new declarations. In this article, we will cover:

IAB Vendor Update Notifications

Currently, Sourcepoint does not support a prior notification service of GVL changes.
The first time a user accesses a Sourcepoint Vendor List with required IAB vendor updates, the list will automatically filter to those specific vendors. The vendors who require an update will be highlighted in red, a warning banner will be visible, and the total of number of updates will be surfaced at the top of the Vendor List.
Note: The next time the Vendor List is Saved, all warnings will disappear regardless of whether or not any updates were performed. Sourcepoint strongly encourages you to resolve the IAB vendor updates as soon as they are encountered.
Click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the warning panel at any point to remove the GVL required updates filter and view your Vendor List in its entirety,
To reapply the GVL required updates filter to the Vendor List, click GVL updates #.

Resolve IAB Vendor Updates

Any updates to Vendor Lists will only take effect after the Vendor List is saved.
There are 4 scenarios that could be applicable for IAB vendors that require an update:

Scenario 1

If there is a Default IAB Consent Type for the purpose configured in the Vendor List, and that legal basis is supported by the vendor, then the legal basis for that purpose will be updated to the Default IAB Consent Type.

Scenario 2

If there is no Default IAB Consent Type for the purpose configured, but there is a Default IAB Consent Type configured in Advanced Setting, and that legal basis is supported by the vendor, then the legal basis for that purpose will be updated to Advanced Setting Default IAB Consent Type. Click here to learn more about Advanced Settings

Scenario 3

If neither of those setting are configured, or the Vendor does not allow the configured legal basis to be used, then the legal basis will be updated to Not Allowed.

Scenario 4

If a Vendor no longer supports a Purpose, then the entry will be set to Not Applicable.
Vendor List updates that include adding new purposes or new purposes with consent as a legal basis will trigger re-consent campaigns.
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