Manage Vendor Cookies (GDPR TCF v2)
Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to vendor list management.
The provenance, duration, and purpose for cookies used by vendors on a GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List can be documented by your organization. Cookie information documented for each vendor will subsequently be surfaced in GDPR TCF v2 Privacy Managers that use the GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List to which the vendor belongs.
Click GDPR on the top navigation bar and select TCF v2 from the dropdown menu.
Navigate to a Vendor List on the subsequent page and click Edit inline with the Vendor List name.
From the GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List builder, click the name of a vendor from the list. Cookies can be documented for IAB, Custom, and Custom ATP vendors.
Click the Cookies tab in the subsequent modal. Use the provided functions to add, remove, and edit cookies used by the vendor.
Sourcepoint will ingest vendor declarations from the IAB's Global Vendor List (GVL) and automatically apply those declarations to IAB vendors and surface that information in Privacy Managers that are using the Vendor List. Declarations ingested from the IAB's GVL are uneditable.
Click Apply changes when finished.
Vendor cookie information will be surfaced in the GDPR TCF v2 Privacy Manager on properties associated with the Vendor List.
Last modified 9mo ago
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