GDPR Applies Scope for GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List
Access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to vendor list management.
The GDPR Applies Scope setting for Vendor Lists determines the geographic regions where Sourcepoint will provide GDPR consent strings that include additional fields within the tcData object. When a user is identified as being in the geographic area defined in the Vendor List, the consent strings that our system generates will include all preferences.‌
Changing this setting can have a significant impact on how consent strings are generated, which can impact monetization. Please take care when modifying this setting.‌
From a GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List, navigate to the GDPR Applies Scope field and input any countries and/or regions that should be included and excluded in the Vendor List GDPR scope.
Click Save when finished.
To exclude a country and/or region from the GDPR Applies Scope, you will need to first Select All and manually deselect what countries and/or regions you want to exclude.
Setting the GDPR Applies Scope will not affect the targeting of messages. Message targeting is controlled by the conditions in the Campaign's Scenario manager.
Last modified 9mo ago
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