Custom vendor labels
Custom vendor labels allow you to add organization specific labels to vendors on your vendor list which will then surface in your property's privacy manager. Custom vendor labels are only available for vendors on a GDPR TCF v2 vendor list. In this article, we will cover how to:
Note: Please speak to your Sourcepoint account manager for more information on how to activate custom vendor labels for your account.

Assign custom vendor label to vendor

Select the name of a vendor from a GDPR TCF v2 vendor list.
From the subsequent modal, click the check box to the left of Custom Vendor Label to add the label to the vendor. You can add a maximum of three custom vendor labels to your vendor list.
Click Apply changes when finished.
From the vendor list builder main page, the custom vendor label tag will be visible in the icon legend. Click Save to confirm all edits.
The description of the custom vendor label will be configured in the privacy manager builder for the property.

Configure custom vendor label description

With the custom vendor label(s) assigned to vendors on your GDPR TCF v2 vendor list, navigate to the privacy manager builder for a property associated with that vendor list.
Select either the PrivacyManagerTCFv2 or PMTCFv2Inline component for your privacy manager.
While focused on either the PrivacyManagerTCFv2 or PMTCFv2Inline component for your privacy manager, navigate to the Settings tab on the right-hand rail and expand the Vendor Content accordion.
Locate the custom vendor label configuration for each of the custom vendor labels used. You can configure:
  • Custom vendor label description
  • Custom vendor label icon
  • Translations for description and icons
Your custom vendor label description and icon will populate in your GDPR TCF v2 privacy manager.
Last modified 1mo ago