Duplicate GDPR TCF v2 Vendor List
Admin access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to vendor list management.
Duplicating a Vendor List enables your organization to easily clone the vendors and purposes in a new Vendor List. By default, the cloned Vendor list will not have any properties associated with it and will default to an Inactive status.
Click GDPR on the top navigation bar and select TCF v2 from the dropdown menu.
Navigate to a Vendor List on the subsequent list and hover over the ellipsis inline with the Vendor List name. Click the Duplicate icon from the dropdown menu.
Users can only view and duplicate Vendor Lists that have an associated property which the user can access.
The duplicated Vendor List will be added to the list. It will have the same vendors and purposes as the original Vendor List.
Click Edit to customize the name, add properties, make any edits, and set as Active. Click here to learn more about how to navigate the Vendor List configuration process.
Last modified 11mo ago
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