Vendor Lists
Sourcepoint's Vendor List feature allows your organization to create customizable lists of vendors that are associated with Privacy Managers on individual properties. Easily add, remove and change vendors, vendor categories (also referred to as vendor purposes) and opt-in and opt-out strategies.
Vendor Lists can be configured for both:

IAB Vendors, Custom Vendors, and Custom ATP Vendors

Your organization's Sourcepoint account comes pre-populated with selectable vendors that you can subsequently add too your own Vendor Lists. These vendors are categorized according into the following areas:
In this section, we will provide a brief overview of how vendors make it into these pre-populated lists.
Not all categories are applicable to GDPR TCF v2 and CCPA Vendor Lists.

IAB Vendors

Whenever a vendor registers with the IAB, they declare their list of Purposes (and Legal Bases), Features, Special Purposes, and Special Features that they support. These declarations are published into a registry called the Global Vendor List (GVL) and is sent to all Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) like Sourcepoint.
The Global Vendor List (GVL) includes all registered and authorized third-party vendors who can be assigned by publishers to process user data, access users' devices, and use the data stored on those devices for specific purposes.
Sourcepoint uses the IAB provided Global Vendor List to populate vendors and legal bases in the IAB Vendor category. When adding a vendor on the IAB Vendor List to a Vendor List in Sourcepoint, we will automatically set the vendor's legal basis selections as per the GVL.

Custom Vendors

Vendors who are not included in the IAB's Global Vendor List category or the Custom ATP Vendor category, are considered Custom Vendors. These vendors are either manually added to Sourcepoint at your organization's request or can be automatically added through Sourcepoint's Vendor Scanning and Categorization feature.
Vendors selected from the Custom Vendor category will need to have their legal basis selections manually configured.

Custom ATP Vendors (Google)

The Custom ATP Vendors category houses Google Ad Technology Providers. These vendors do not necessarily adhere to the IAB framework (although they can) and rather undergo Google's Ad Manager certification. Vendors are added to the Custom ATP Vendor category periodically.