Scenario Configuration (Legacy)
A scenario allows your organization to target audiences with your selected messaging experience.This targeting is done by configuring steps and events within the scenario. In this article, we will cover some details of the scenario builder.

Steps and Events

Any scenario is comprised of two major elements: at least one step that contains at least one event. In this section we will cover the differences between steps and events, and some considerations to keep in mind while customizing them in your scenario.


Steps are individual logic statements within your scenario that are executed when triggered. Steps are executed sequentially and will display the message for the first step to have its conditions completely satisfied.
Add an additional step to a scenario by clicking + Add a step in the scenario builder.
To delete an existing step from a scenario, hover over the first event of the step and click the X.


Events are the individual elements within a scenario's step that make up the logic statement. While events within a step are not triggered sequentially, they must end in a message delivery event. Events are divided into 3 distinct types (please follow the links to learn more):
Add an event to a scenario step by click + add an event from a step. Use the provided menus to select an event and configure its details. Click Save to confirm the configuration for the event.
Repeat as necessary to configure the logic of the step.
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