Scenarios (LEGACY)
Scenarios are used to target messages to specific audiences. Usually targeting is set with the parameters Country, Referrer, Search/Social, Device, Adblock, Key Value or Consent Gate. You can also set a frequency capping or a delay.

How to Create A New Scenario

Step 1 - Navigate to Dialogue

Click on the Dialogue tab within the Sourcepoint UI

Step 2 - Select a Property

Select the property under which you'll be copying a scenario

Step 3 - Click Scenarios

Navigate to the Scenario builder

Step 4 - Add New

Click New

Step 5 - Name & Create

Name the scenario and click Create

Step 6 - Expand Scenario

Click on the arrow icon on the right to open and edit the scenario you just created

Step 7 - Add Step & Event

Click on "+Add a step" and then "+add an event" to get started

Step 8 - Choose Event

Choose an event from the dropdown choices of "Condition," "Message," or "Delay." For example, selecting a condition of having an IP address in California.

Step 9 - Choose Action

Choose an action or message to show based on the condition. For example, you can choose to show a CCPA-specific message based on the condition of the user having an IP address in California.

Step 10 - Additional steps

You can repeat steps 7-9 as many times as you'd like to build out more granular scenarios by which to show messages. For example, you could add another step to display a GDPR-specific message to users with an IP address in the EU.

Step 11 - Save

Once you've added the appropriate steps within the scenario builder, click the green Save button.

Additional Information