Page URL targeting
The page URL targeting condition allows your organization to specify with more control when a message should appear based on the URL address of specific pages.
From a new or existing step in a scenario, click Add condition.
Use the Conditions dropdown menu to select Page URL Match.
In the Page URL Match panel, select whether you want to use the condition to include or exclude webpages that contain certain words in the URL.
Input the word, phrase, etc... that will be included or excluded as part of the targeting condition and where in the URL the word, phrase, etc... can be found.
In the example below, we are excluding webpages that contain privacy-policy and data-compliance at the end of the URL in our target end-user. Our selected message will not show on these pages.
Click the + symbol when finished to add your configuration to the condition.Additional page URL targeting can also be applied to the condition (e.g. including webpages with certain keywords and excluding webpages with certain keywords)
Click Add when finished.
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