Create scenario

Your account will require:

  • Admin access or Domain access to property

  • Feature access to message/scenario partition set management

A scenario allows your organization to define the logic that controls when a messaging experience should be presented to an end-user who visits you property. In this article, we will cover how to create a new scenario.

Click Dialogue on the top navigation bar, select and click on a property or property group from the subsequent list.

Select Scenarios from property navigation bar and click Scenarios V2 from the dropdown menu.

Click New on the subsequent page.

Use the Campaign Type dropdown menu in the subsequent modal to select a campaign type to associate with the scenario. Click Create New when finished.

Alternatively, Sourcepoint offers templated scenarios for certain campaign types. Explore available templates by selecting the Campaign Type and selecting the available options that are populated.

Navigate scenario builder

From the scenario builder page, navigate to the upper left-hand corner and give the scenario a name.

Customize the targeting in the scenario's step by selecting Add Condition. These conditions allow your organization to specify when and for which end-users will receive your message. Click here to learn more about conditions and steps. Follow the prompts for each condition and click Add when finished.

Repeat as necessary for other conditions in the step. When combined, all the conditions in the step act as a logic statement that refines the target audience for your message.

With the conditions for the step in the scenario configured, use the Show Message field to select how often the message should be shown to your targeted end-user. Click here for more information on the available options

If desired, use the Hold Message By field to delay the display of your message by either pageviews or time. Click here for more information on the available options.

Finally, use the Select message to determine which message should be surfaced to the targeted end-user.

Once a message is selected, you can click the View Message button to preview the selected message.

Click Create in the upper right-hand corner to finish creating your scenario or click Add Step to configure another step for the scenario.

Additional Information