Request a CMP Report
Admin access or Domain access to property (property group).
In order to facilitate access to your organization's data, Sourcepoint enables users to request numerous reports from our pre-determined menu that will be emailed to an email address you provide. In this article, we will cover how to request a report and have it emailed.
Users can only request reports for properties to which they have access.
To request a report, click Reports on the top navigation bar and select Request a Report.
From the Request a Report page, navigate to the Report Type field and select a report from the subsequent dropdown menu.
For a complete list of available reports and their descriptions, please click here.
With the Report Type selected, select the date range and properties that should be used in the report from the provided fields.
Input the email address of the recipient. This field defaults to the email address associated with the requester's user profile unless otherwise edited.
Requested reports can only be sent to a single email address per request.
Click Request a report when finished.
The requested report will be emailed as a .csv file to the configured recipient.
Report delivery time will vary depending on the report selected, the date range, the sites included, and the amount of data within the report.
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