Create New Property
Admin Access required.
Properties are individual websites, apps, or OTT channels that your organization controls. In this article, we will cover how to add a new property to your organization's Sourcepoint account.
Click Dialogue on the top navigation bar and select + Add New Property from the subsequent page.
Use the subsequent modal to give the property a name, a type, and assign it to any optional property group(s). Click Save when finished.
Please review the following naming conventions/rules before saving your new property:

Web properties

  • Use the wildcard character * to have your messages appear on more than one subdomain (e.g. * Click here to learn more.
  • Property name should be in all lowercase.
  • Exclude the protocol identifier (e.g. http:// or https://) from the name of the property (e.g.
  • Exclude any path or sub-folder after the top-level domain (e.g.
  • If the property redirects to another domain for a service then the "redirect" domain needs to be mapped to the original domain either through the Sourcepoint portal or using the propertyHref parameter in your implementation.
App properties
  • Names for app properties are case sensitive.
  • We recommend using a period in your app property name instead of a hyphen or underscore (e.g. instead of app_mobile).
The new property will be added to the your organization's property list and any assigned property group(s).
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