Create OTT Privacy Manager (CCPA)
Admin access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to message/scenario partition set management.
Unlike other property types, the OTT Privacy Manager combines both the First Layer Message and Privacy Manager into a single setup, and introduces the concept of views to the configuration process. Configuration for OTT Privacy Manager is distinct from other property types to account for navigation of the Privacy Manager by an end-user via remote control. In this article, we will cover the following for CCPA:

Create New OTT Privacy Manager for Individual Property (CCPA)

Click Dialogue on the top navigation bar and select a property from the subsequent list.
Select CCPA from the property navigation bar and and click OTT from the subsequent dropdown menu.
Click + New Message to create a new OTT Privacy Manager.
Use the subsequent page to customize the OTT Privacy Manager for the property and click Create Message when finished. In the following section, we will provide a brief overview of how to navigate the OTT Privacy Manager builder.

Navigate OTT Privacy Manager Builder (CCPA)

Sourcepoint recommends that you begin the configuration of the OTT Privacy Manager from a template.
In this section, we will cover the basic layout of the CCPA OTT Privacy Manager builder and how to customize components.
The CCPA OTT Privacy Manager is divided into four distinct views that an end-user can navigate between on their OTT device via their remote control. Use the Navigate Views panel in the upper left-hand corner of the builder to access any of the views. The four views are:
    Privacy Manager Home View
    Privacy Manager Preferences View
    Privacy Manager Vendors View
    Privacy Manager Privacy Policy View
Configure general settings for the CCPA OTT Privacy Manager at any time by clicking Home in the Privacy Manager breadcrumbs and using the Settings panel on the right-hand side.
From the Privacy Manager OTT Settings tab, ensure that the Vendor List Preview is set to your desired Vendor List.
This step is not required and only meant to allow for a preview of purposes and vendors while building your CCPA OTT Privacy Manager. Ultimately, the end-user will see the purposes and vendors for the active Vendor List to which you have added the property
While on a particular view in the builder, click + in the toolbar panel to add a new component to the view.
To customize a component in any view, click the component in the builder and use the Settings panel on the right-hand side to customize the details of that component.
The Privacy Manager breadcrumbs will enable you to quickly see which component you are currently editing.
For additional configuration options, use the Custom CSS editor.
Apply your custom styling by adding the CSS Handle to a component.
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