Privacy Manager Not Showing (500 Error)
In this article, we will troubleshoot the problem for when an end-user clicks a button to show your configured Privacy Manager and is met with an error message instead.

Confirm 500 Error in Developer Console

Typically, if an end-user encounters an error when attempting to view the Privacy Manager, they will see a message such as, Sorry, something has gone wrong. Go back.
In addition to this message, your organization will want to confirm that there is a 500 error in the developer console's network window and in the console window.

Suggested Solution

The most likely reason the end-user is encountering the 500 error is because the Privacy Manager is not associated with a Vendor List.
To fix the issue, select either GDPR > TCF v2 or CCPA from the top navigation bar depending on which Privacy Manager should be displaying when the button is clicked.
Select the Vendor List that should be associated with the property from the subsequent list.
Navigate to the Select property(s) this list applies to field and add the property to the list if it is not on the list. Click Save when finished.
Attempt to re-access the Privacy Manager from the message again on the property, and the problem should be resolved.