Common Custom CSS for Privacy Manager

In order to help facilitate your organization's customization of its Privacy Managers, Sourcepoint has aggregated some commonly used custom CSS by our clients. These customizations can be added to the custom CSS section of both the GDPR TCF v2 and CCPA Privacy Manager builders.

Add Scrolling to Privacy Manager on Mobile Devices

For mobile phone support, your organization may want the Privacy Manager window to have scrolling capabilities. This customization is useful for older generations of iPhones and for when a site is viewed on a mobile device in a landscape orientation. Add the custom CSS below to the custom CSS section of your Privacy Manager builder to support scrolling.

@media screen and (max-width: 500px), screen and (max-height: 500px) { .sp_message_container .sp_message { margin: initial; max-height: initial; width: initial; height: initial; overflow: scroll; max-width: initial; } .sp_message .sp_message_panel { margin-top: 30px; }}