Privacy Manager
The privacy manager for a property or property group is a configurable modal that will appear on a specific property (or properties) and allow the end-user to view all purposes/stacks, features, and third-party vendors implemented on the page.
Depending on your organization's configuration of the privacy manager for the property, specific categories, individual vendors, etc...can be deselected and saved by the end user. The privacy manager can be permanently displayed to the user as an iFrame (e.g. in the General Terms and Conditions) or linked to from a message.
For any given property, privacy managers can be configured for both:

Vendor Lists

The privacy manager for the property (properties) will display the vendors and purposes that coincide with the active vendor list applied to the property. Applying an active vendor list to a property can be achieved via the vendor list creation workflow.
For this reason, Sourcepoint recommends that you configure a vendor list before creating a privacy manager for a property (properties).
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Vendor Lists