Create Partition Set (Legacy)
Admin access or Domain access to property with feature access to message/scenario partition set management
A partition set allows your organization to divide end-users who visit a property into one or more distinct partitions (groupings) who can receive different messaging scenarios. In this article, we will cover how to create a new partition set with multiple partitions for an individual property.
Click Dialogue on the top navigation bar and select a property from the subsequent list.
Select Partition Sets from property navigation bar and then click New.
Give your partition set a name and click Create.
The new partition set will be created. Click the Edit icon inline with the partition set name and then click + Add Partition to add a partition to the partition set.
Use the provided fields to input the following:
  • Partition Name
  • Start of the Bucket
  • End of the Bucket
  • Scenario that should be surfaced
Repeat as necessary for other partitions in the partition set. Click Save when finished.
Click here for more information on partition buckets and use cases.
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