Native OTT Message
Admin access or Domain access to property (property group) with feature access to message/scenario partition set management.
The native OTT message builder allows your organization to create and surface an OTT message for devices where you have built a native application. In this article, we will cover how to:
Native OTT messages should be utilized in conjunction with one of Sourcepoint's native OTT solutions, such as:
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
To start, click Dialogue on the top navigation bar and select an OTT property from the subsequent list.
Select a regulatory regime from the property group navigation bar and click Native OTT in the dropdown menu. Native OTT messages can be created for the following regulatory frameworks:
  • GDPR TCF v2
  • CCPA
Native OTT messages are available for OTT properties configured for multi-campaigns or legacy campaigns.

Create native OTT message

From the native OTT message page for the regulatory framework, click + New Message to create a new native OTT message.
Use the subsequent page to customize the native OTT message for the property and click Create Message when finished. In the following section, we will provide a brief overview of how to navigate the native OTT message builder.

Navigate native OTT message builder

In this section, we will cover the basic layout of the native OTT message builder.
The native OTT message is divided into distinct views that an end-user can navigate between on their OTT/CTV device via their remote control. Use the Navigate Views panel in the upper left-hand corner of the builder to access any of the views.
Click Global Settings on the right-hand rail and expand the Native OTT Global Settings accordion to configure:
  • Vendor List
  • Global language settings (including dynamic language support)
  • Privacy Policy button
While on a particular view in the builder, click a component in the builder and use the Settings panel on the right-hand side to customize the details of that component.
The breadcrumbs will enable you to quickly see which component you are currently editing.

Edit native OTT message

To edit an existing native OTT message, navigate to a native OTT message and click the Edit icon inline with the native OTT message name.
Apply any edits to your native OTT message and click Save Message when finished.

Delete native OTT message

To delete an existing native OTT message, navigate to a native OTT message and click the Delete icon inline with the native OTT message name.
Confirm the decision to delete the OTT/CTV message and click Delete in the modal.
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