CCPA Message Builder


This guide is meant to provide you with instructions on creating a CCPA message to display for the purposes of the California Consumer Privacy Act. Once a CCPA message has been created, it can be used when creating and launching campaigns. For more on creating and launching campaigns, please click here.

Step 1 - Navigate to CCPA Messages

Step 1.1 - Click Dialogue

Once you've logged in to the Sourcepoint UI, click the Dialogue tab.

Step 1.2 - Select Property

Select the individual property for which you'd like to create a CCPA message.

Note: CCPA messages can also be created for Property Groups. For more on Property Groups, please click here.

Step 1.3 - Select CCPA Messages

Click CCPA Messages.

Step 2 - Create New Message

Click the New Message button.

Step 2.1 - Start from Template

Click the Start from Template button to select a pre-built CCPA message template.

Note: you have the option to start a CCPA message from scratch by clicking the "+Add Components" button.

Step 2.2 - Template Selection

Select from the CCPA templates available. Generally, there are two types of messages used for CCPA -- bottom messages and inline links. Bottom messages stay at the bottom of the browser window until the user takes action on them. Inline links replace the content of an element on the page. In this example, we've selected a "Do Not Sell - Bottom Notice (CCPA)" template for our CCPA message.

Step 3 - Edit Message Settings

You have the ability to change various message level settings (e.g. message name, background color, scrolling ability, etc.) using the toolbar on the right side of the page in the CCPA message builder. Click to expand any of the settings options to adjust.

Note: Clicking an individual element within the message will allow you to change the setting for that particular element only. More on that in step 4.

Step 4 - Edit Element Settings

You also have the ability to change various element level settings (e.g. element name, background color, margin, etc.) using the toolbar on the right side of the page in the CCPA message builder. Click an individual element, then click any of the settings options in the righthand panel to expand.

Step 5 - Attach Privacy Manager

To attach a privacy manager to the message, click on the button (e.g. Settings), expand the Action menu in the toolbar, and select the Privacy Manager you want to display when the user clicks on the button.

Note: If you want the action to be to execute a "Do Not Sell" signal, you can change the Choice Option action type to Reject All (as opposed to Show Privacy Manager).

Step 6 - Update Message Name

To change the message name before saving click on the Home link above the message view and change the message name in the panel on the right.

Step 7 - Save

Click on create message and the message will be saved.